Common Core Is NOT The Best For Our Children

Common Core Is NOT The Best For Our Children

I have many factually based reasons to support the statement in the above title. For those of you not familiar with Common Core, it is a curriculum and testing based program that has been “forced” upon our teachers and students. This Utah video lists the ten primary concerns with Common Core. They represent views here in Oregon and states across the country.

In my previous articles, I had focused upon the Smarter Balanced testing and the lack of true value for the students. I won’t provide detail on testing at this time. You can click on the above link for review. As you will see, this is a major part of Common Core, and from my perspective, needs to be eliminated from the Oregon requirements.

Another major concern is related to data mining. This too, I have reviewed in the previous articles. Anyone concerned about privacy related to their children and family, will find that this alone can create a lot of potential harm. This video offers more experience with data collecting.  It offers good advice at the end. 

As I had reviewed, children at the elementary levels are not mature enough to respond to homework and test materials with deep reasons as to how they came to an answer. Think about times when you asked your child, “Why did you do that?” They just don’t have the developmental ability to understand and explain any amount of reasoning. This video does well in explaining this:

If you are viewing the links I have and are offering to you, you will see repeated reference to the Common Core math and the major challenge it presents. Here is another video related to the untested math program that is inappropriately used in our schools. Http:// 

This September 2014 video along with other good info, says that the new Pearson History books (2013 edition) devotes about 3 paragraphs to Judaism and 3 pages to Christianity, and 32 pages favorably to Islam.  This occurs about 13 minutes into the video. The Pearson Publishing corporation presently owns close to 80% of the textbook companies in the United States. That alone should raise real concerns with us when we are concerned about content of the text books.

	Those who are representing us and directing our schools, should look at these two sites that are related to information offered by a school district superintendent.
https://www.facebookcom/groups/StopCommonCoreinOregon/permalink/444498959023449/   and HTTPS:// . 

I had considered trying to summarize how Common Core came into being. I don’t believe that I could write anything as well as what is presented here. You will see and hear from Dr Pesta who brilliantly presents facts about where Common Core came from and the disturbing facts that have infiltrated our schools and children.

In this video, Pres. Obama relates how the federal government plans to be involved with education.  WOW.  This is clear evidence of how the government is taking over local control!  Most of it sounds good, IF a person wants the government to set standards and conditions for accepting grants, etc. For me, I wouldn’t want the government telling me how to educate my children!

Play video

Speaker Dr. Sandra Stotsky explains some of the elements behind the Common Core educational system. Sponsored by Faithful Christian Servants.


Added on 5/06/14

Dr. Sandra Stotsky,  is the most experienced and knowledgeable person  about the Common Core standards than anyone,   School Boards and administrators, need to pay attention to comments near the end on who has local control.  Happy learning!

This video presents a good time line to show how the present federal control of education evolved. It shows how the government reached the point in 2002 to dictate the structure of education in our country for the government‘s required standards in the No Child Left Behind law. From this date of major change, it is explained how Common Core came into being:

As a caring person or taxpayer, having reviewed this and possibly my previous articles, I expect you are concerned about our children and the state of education in our country. My present intent for my next article is to offer suggestions for taking education in a more sensible (and centsible) direction. Meanwhile, I invite you to offer your ideas and some time to helping our local Parent Led Education efforts. Offer your opinions to the editor of News With Views at and consider supporting their efforts in offering freedom of speech to our communities. As always, you are free to contact me at .

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